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Rotary Clothesline Cover CCR2933 Product Video

Hello and welcome to Lifestyle Clotheslines. I'm just going to talk to you about one of our  cover products that we do sell through Lifestyle Clotheslines and this is the  Rotary Clothesline Cover

As you can see there, this product is available in a beige color only and it's made from a polyethylene material. You can see there in the image it shows a wind vent around the center or in the middle of the clothesline and also a wind vent and flap at the very top of the cover. This is to allow a little bit of extra breeze to pass through, as it is a water proof material so no wind will actually go through the material itself, those wind vents just allow a bit of extra breeze to pass through the clothesline. 

Very simple construction of these rotary clothesline covers and it just comes with two flex poles, they simply attach on the underside of the cover just through the loops that are sewn onto the underside of the cover, just to give it that slightly domed shape and you do get a couple of straps for that top center just to tie that on to the top of your clothes and once you've placed the cover over the top of your clothesline. 

Covers are available in several sizes, everything from small size which is a 3.3 meter diameter right across the clothesline, right up to the larger 5 meter diameter size. These also are great for just giving a bit of extra shade in the backyard, but obviously does offer the protection for your laundry to keep it nice and dry on those rainier days but as I said also perfect to give that a bit of extra shade area in the back yard as well. As mentioned only available in the beige color, the size options are actually now available up to a 5 meter size, and as mentioned, the polyethylene material is waterproof.

So when measuring your clothesline to see what size option suits, just measure as in the image there an A to B measurement, that is the actual head diameter of your clothesline right across, so just A to B in a straight line, and then see if that coincides with the size options available for the product. If you're not sure though, you can give us a call and we can work that out for you as well. Here is just a simple size guide showing you what most of the cover sizes will suit in the products that we do sell. Unfortunately now, the largest 6 meter size cover is no longer available. 

As with all of our products at Lifestyle Clotheslines, we do back them with our 100 day happiness guarantee, so if not completely satisfied, just give us a call and let us know. You can reach us on 1300798779. You can also send us an email or jump onto our live chat during the day.

Rotary Clothesline Cover CCR2933 Product Video

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