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Hills Slim Retracting 4 Clothesline FD51201 Product Video

Welcome to Lifestyle Clotheslines. I'm just going to take you through one of our  retractable clothesline products by Hills, and this is part of their new Slim Premium range. And this is, of course, the four-line version called the Slim Retracting 4. As you can see, nice sort of contemporary design, very flat slim design, much different to your traditional retractable type clothesline. This product is available in two different colors, the silver color, also the stone color.

So of course this model does have four of the poly cord or poly core lines as used at the center of the line using all outdoor clothesline products. So a very neat finish on this particular product. It does have a maximum line extension of 6.5 meters. So with that maximum extension, if you can achieve that, that will give you your total line space of 26 meters. It has a very simple tension lever on the side of the product.

So once you've actually pulled the lines out and attached to the other side, just pull the lever down. There's actually two positions for tensioning. So, quite often the first position is usually all you need to simply push or pull the line tensioner bar out to the first position.

So this does have a width or length of the cabinet from side to side of approximately 78 centimeters, with the height of the cabinet from front...from top to bottom of approximately 30 centimeters. So a very neat finish, and the actual mounting brackets for the clothes line are actually inside these two end caps. There's an end cap on either side, obviously. You simply remove the plastic end cap to expose the mount bracket. So you can see it just there, this is a button a hole at the top and a mount hole at the bottom there. Just attach that to your wall.

For the bar with the line attached, if it's neatly on the underside of the cabinet, so not at the front like they normally do, hence giving it it's more sort of slim modern design. Simply pull the bar downwards out of the bottom of the cabinet and that'll expose the lines. There's another sharp, shiny tension lever on the side. As I said, it does have two positions. You can tension the lines too. Also, at the bottom of that in cap you will see a release button there. So when you want to pull the lines back into the cabinet, you simply push down on the button to release the lever.

This is a close-up shot showing the receiving bracket for the clothesline. This comes with all retractable clothes lines. So this is the bracket that you would attach at the other end. So when you pull the bar out, simply hooks into the receiving bracket, as in this image right here. So a nice neat finish and you can just see there the four lines for the Slim 4 product.

So, many different applications or installation options available for this sort of product. So you can go wall to wall, or to post post-to-post, you will require additional accessories if you are attaching the clothesline cabinet to a post, for example, you will require the optional mount plate, or if it's a non-standard or non-solid wall that you want to attach the cabinet to, you will require the mount plate option as well. So adjustable post kits are available for these products. They have an adjustable height on the post kits. So you can order those for your clothesline. Also ground sockets or post sockets, these just allow the post to be removable and these are a simple tube that you would cement into the ground and the post simply drops into the socket allowing the post to be removed at any stage.

As I mentioned earlier, you will require the mount plate bracket in case or if you do intend to install the cabinet onto a non-standard surface like a post or a weatherboard wall for example, you will require the mount plate bracket. As mentioned, it has a total line space of 26 meters if you achieve the 6 1/2 meter maximum extension. It does have a minimum line extension of only two meters. So this simply means you will need to pull the lines out at least two meters and attach at the side, otherwise you won't be able to tension the lines.

So you can see the dimensions here as well. So there, as I mentioned earlier, the cabinet's size from side to side is 78 centimeters. It has a height top to bottom of 30 centimeters, and a depth front to back of 70 centimeters. As with all Hills outdoor clothesline products, they are backed by their 10-year warranty, and this model will suit generally three to four people with its maximum extension. The distance between the lines is also 100, or approximately 120 millimeters. So a nice large gappings between the lines allowing for nice fast and efficient clothes drying.

If you do have any questions about this particular product, just give us a call on 1300-798-779.

Hills Slim Retracting 4 Clothesline FD51201 Product Video

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