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Hills Slim Retracting 6 Clothesline FD51200 Product Video

Hi there and welcome to Lifestyle Clotheslines. I'm just going to talk to you about one of our  retractable clothesline products by Hills. This is part of their new, sort of, more modern range of clothesline products. This is the Hills Slim Retracting 6 clothesline product. So this model's available in two colors, you've got silver or stone. 

You see me just showing the stone color. As you can see very simple operation for this product. You got a pull out bar with the lines attached, and that just slips out from underneath the cabinet. So, it's not in front like the traditional retractable clothesline are. Just slips out from the underside of the cabinet, and the lines just simply pull out. As you can see very sleek and modern design for this particular model.

It blends in with more contemporary areas, or if you simply don't want a bulkier looking retractable or traditional retractable clothesline, the Slim 6 is definitely the way to go. So, of course with all retractable clotheslines, you do get a receiving bracket that comes with the clothesline. It just simply bolts on the other end, so when you pull the bar out with the lines attached, it just simply hooks into that receiving bracket to keep the lines in place for you. This product has a maximum extension of six and a half meters. If you can achieve that, that will give you a total line space of 39 meters. 

So this model of course has 6 lines to achieve that 39 meters. It also has a minimum line extension of two meters. This simply means that you do need to pull those lines out at least two meters from the cabinet, otherwise the lines simply won't be able to be tensioned properly. There is a tension lever on the side of the cabinet, so once you've pulled it out and hooked it into the receiving bracket at the other end, just simply pull the lever down. There's actually two different tensioning positions.

But just simply pull the lever down to the first position, that should give you enough tension on the lines. So the cabinet size for this particular model from side-to-side is 1040 millimeters, so just over a meter in width. Has a height from top-to-bottom of 300 millimeters or 30 centimeters. And also got a depth front to back of just 70 millimeters, so it's quite a slim, thin designed product. As with all the Hills outdoor clothesline products, it is backed by their 10 year warranty. 

This model generally does suit approximately four to five or more people if you can use its maximum line extension. The distance between each line is about 120 centimeters. It's a nice, wide spacing between the lines allowing for fast and efficient clothes drying. As with all retractable clotheslines, it can be installed in several different ways. You can go wall-to-wall, obviously wall-to-post, and post-to-post.

So these are the products available to suit those different types of installations. If you are installing the clothesline cabinet onto a non-standard or non-solid wall, you will probably require the mount plate bracket adapter so the cabinet can be bolted onto, for example a post. Or if it's a plaster board wall, you will need the mount plate adapter as well. There's obviously post kits available, and these posts are adjustable in height as well. You can also get ground sockets for those posts if you want to make them removable. 

As with all of our products here at Lifestyles Clotheslines, we do back them with our 100-day happiness guarantee, so if you're not completely satisfied, just give us a call and let us know. If you do have any queries at all about this particular model or any of our other clothesline products, just give us a call on 1300 798 779. Or send us an email, or jump onto our live chat during the day.

Hills Slim Retracting 6 Clothesline FD51200 Product Video

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