Hills Portable 170 Clothesline FD12000 Product Video

Hello, and welcome to Lifestyle Clotheslines. This product video is going to talk about one of our really popular portable products by Hills. Of course this is the  Hills Portable 170 clothesline. As you can see by the design, it's an A-frame design but very sturdy product this one is. It's constructed from galvanized steel, so it's not an aluminum or a basic steel product. It is actually made of galvanized steel just like all the larger outdoor clothesline products. 

This generally has dimensions or the total length is 240 centimeters or 2.4 meters. That's measuring from the foot when it is opened up and standing on a surface measured from one foot to the other foot, it will measure that 2.4 meters. The width side to side is 80 centimeters. Now the frame height of this particular model is 1.5 meters or 150 centimeters, which is perfect for things like hanging your sheets. It's a good height so that the sheets don't touch the ground. I think it's part of the reason why they are such a popular product. The weight of the clothesline itself is approximately 8 kilos, so still quite light enough to, when you fold it up, walk around with the product or move it around. As mentioned earlier it is made from galvanized steel. It has 10 polycore lines. It is the same line material they use on all of the outdoor clothesline products. The portable clotheslines by Hills are backed by their three year warranty, if you have any questions about that you can either give us a call or you can also call Hills as well. 

With the space that this particular product offers it is generally suited for about one to two people, so it is also obviously very good for unit dwelling. People that have a unit don't actually have a backyard for a clothesline. I think you'll find with this particular product, it's going to give you plenty of line space. It will generally hold about one to two loads of washing on the ten lines. Each line has a length of about 1.8 meters, so as I said, very good for hanging your sheets and towels. As you can see there it is constructed, this product is put together. You can see there's five lines on either side to give you that 17 meters of total line space.

The portable 170 also comes with a door bracket. Actually you can see there in the middle of that shot there's a little steel bracket. This bracket can be bolted to the top of a door, for example a laundry door. When you've got the portable airer folded up, you can simply hang it off that door bracket. It does fold nice and flat. You can also lean it up against a wall if you wish, but it folds quite flat for this product. You can see in the top of the A-frame there, a little blue lever. You pull that lever out to release the legs if you want to fold the clothesline up.

It also has little arches in the A-frame. This allows you to hang business shirts for example off coat hangers. You've got five holes or five hooks there at each end, so it's quite handy if you're hanging those things off the coat hangers to keep the creases out of your items. This is the close up shot of the door bracket as well. This is simply attached to the top of the door. It comes with a couple of screws to attach it to the top of the door and then just hang the airer, or portable clothesline off the bracket. As you can see there, nice and light, folds up flat, and is a very versatile product. It can be stored away just about anywhere.

Hills Portable 170 Clothesline FD12000 Product Video

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