Five Lath Gismo Clothes Airer A1284 Product Video

Welcome to Lifestyle Clotheslines. I'm just going to talk to you about one of our products in the  ceiling airer range and this is the Five Lath Gismo Clothes Airer or Ceiling Airer. So as you can see, that offers a shelf-type device which can lower down from the ceiling. But these products are all so good that you can turn those lathes the other way, the more traditional way, and also use it as a hanging airer for hanging your damp clothes over the lathes. So as you can see on that side profile shot, you can turn the wooden lathes other ways, either flat or vertically as well. What is a popular option with these particular products is the extra double pulley. You can see there in that image showing that extra double pulley further over from the airer. This just brings the cord of the rope away from the airer so that it doesn't drop down in between the lathes when you're attaching the cord to the cleat hook that does come with the airer.

This image will just show you the complete kit, so you'll see two cast iron ends, a 10 meter cord rope. You'll get a single and a double pulley and also the cleat hook, which is what you attach onto the side wall to tie the rope cord onto. And this product, like many of the other ceiling airers, is available in different lengths for all the wooden lathes, so anything from a .9 meter, or 900 millimeters, right up to 2.4 meters in length. So from side to side, this unit has a width of 27 centimeters, or 250 millimeters. And, of course, it has five wooden lathes.

So when it's fully raised up to the ceiling, the closest point from the bottom of the airer to the ceiling will be approximately 11.5 centimeters. And with most of the ceiling, this is generally suited for one to two people, possibly more with the longer length of 2.4 meters. Now, all the timber used on the ceiling airers is a kiln-dried redwood pine lath or timber. So the kiln drying just reduces or gets rid of the sap from the timber so you don't get any staining on your clothes at all. Here's another shot just showing the extra double pulley once again.

Sometimes too, if you are getting the extra double pulley and your ceilings are particularly high, a little bit higher than normal standard height, the optional 15 meter rope is a good way to go, just to give you that bit of extra length in the cord when you're using the airer. There's also an option to get some stainless steel S-hooks, or butchers hooks, with the airer. These are quite handy for using it in the more traditional way of hanging your saucepans and things over the airer if you're using in the kitchen. Or they could be used for just about anything really to hang things off if you're using the airer in your laundry.

So you can see a shot they're just showing what a traditional or typical sort of installation looks like. Just the single and the double pulley screwed into the ceiling, just obviously making sure those screws go into the timber beams inside your ceiling and not just the plaster board to obviously secure the airer properly. As with all of our products here at Lifestyle Clotheslines, they are backed by our 100 day happiness guarantee, so if you're not completely satisfied, just gives a call and let us know. If you need any more questions answered about this particular product, if you can't follow on the website there, just give us a call on 1300798779.

Five Lath Gismo Clothes Airer A1284 Product Video

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