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Austral Retractaway 50 Clothesline RA50CC Product Video

Hello, and welcome to Lifestyle Clotheslines. This is a product video focusing on one of our  retractable clotheslines by Austral, and this is the Retractaway 50. So very similar to the Retractaway 40 model, this just has an extra length maximum extension of up to 10m for this product.

So everything else is essentially the same as the Retractaway 40. It's the same dimensions, five polycord lines, as with the Retractaway 40.

The same color choices, of course, these are a color-bond, powder-coated finish in either Classic Cream or Woodland Grey. Incidentally, if you do order posts and things to go with it, they will be colored to match the clothesline cabinet as well.

So, as I mentioned before, the dimensions are all the same. So you do have five lines, and if you do pull out the maximum extension on the Retractaway 50, which is 10m in this case, that will give you a total line space of 50m. Of course, it has a minimum extension, as well, of only 2m, so you must pull the cords out at least 2m and attach it to the other side, whether a wall or a post, so that the lines can actually be tensioned. As with all Austral outdoor clotheslines, they do have a 10-year warranty on its construction. And this model is generally suited for four to five or more people if you can pull it out that maximum 10m.

So, as I mentioned, same dimensions as the Retractaway 40, just the extra length cord going to 10m. So you get a length side-to-side of 80cm or 800mm, and then top-to-bottom and front-to-back of 12.5cm or 125mm.

It's the same working mechanism as the Retractaway 40, so you've got a tension knob and a locking lever. So you simply push the lever to the unlocked position when you're pulling the clothesline bar out, hook it onto the other side, and then turn the knob clockwise to add tension to the lines, and then flick the lever up to the lock position and you're ready to go.

The little steel bar just there is just what you use to hook onto the receiving bracket at the other end when you do attach that bracket, whether it can be onto a post or a wall. As you can see there, the little bracket there has got the little handle attached to it, and that's what holds the clothesline in place for you.

All the lines are tied onto the bar manually, so if ever you do need to do some manual re-tensioning, you can simply untie the cords there individually and just re-pull them through, add some tension to the lines manually, and then just tie them back off again as they were.

There's a nice closeup shot showing the handle bar attached to the receiving bracket.

And, as I mentioned earlier, several different positions or different types of installations you can do with a retractable, so you've got your standard wall-to-wall installation, post-to-post, post-to-wall, or wall-to-post. Please keep in mind, when attaching the clothesline cabinet onto a post, you will require the optional mount bar bracket so that the clothesline cabinet can be adapted to the post.

As with all of our products here at Lifestyle Clotheslines, we do offer our 100-day Happiness Guarantee, so if you're not satisfied, just give us a call or send us an e-mail and let us know.

If you do need any more information about this product or anything else, just give us a call, 1300 798 779. You can also send us an e-mail or jump onto our live chat during the day.

Austral Retractaway 50 Clothesline RA50CC Product Video

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