Classic Ceiling Airer A677 Product Video

Hi there and welcome to LifestyleClothesLines. I am just going to go through one of our very popular ceiling airer products. This particular model is the classic ceiling airer and this is the four lath or four timber lath ceiling airer. As you can see this is very nicely crafted cast iron ends with the four kiln dried red wood pine laths for this particular model. That image is just showing you a slightly different setup.

The standard airer kit will include a single and double pulley. You can order the extra or optional extra double pulley. As you can see, the idea behind that is to bring the cord or the rope across to the extra pulley and then down to the wall. So it keeps the cord out of the way of the airer so the cord doesn't pass down through or in between the wooden lines in the center there.

You probably know a few different colors. You've got your black and white, also the lacquer, ivory colors and also the pewter is available in this product as well. It does have several length options available for the timber laths. So anything from the 0.9 meter length or up to the very long 2.4 meter length. So the measurement's side to side from the outside of one wooden lath to the outside wooded lath is 40 centimeters across. As seen before it has four of the wooden laths.

Now when hoisted fully up to the ceiling, the ceiling to the very bottom of the bottom wooden lath would be approximately 33 centimeters. This size is generally suited for one to two people or even more with the longer wooden laths. This is the complete kit that you do get with your product if you're ordering just the airer without any optional extras. So you get two cast iron ends, a 10 meter cord rope, a single and double pulley, and you will also get the cleat hook, which is the part you do attach to the side wall for the rope to tie on to. As mentioned earlier, the wooden laths are a redwood pine light that have been kiln dried, specially traded.

And don't...when you're putting damp items on there they don't leave any marks on the clothing either. This another image is just showing you why we would order an extra double pulley. As you can see it brings the cord right across to that extra pulley and then down out of the way so that it doesn't pass through the wooden laths. Sometimes if you do have a particularly high ceiling, the 15 meter optional rope might be a better idea if you do have a high ceiling just to give a bit of extra length in that rope for rising and lowering the airer. You can also get a set of standstill S-hooks or butchers hooks to go with your product.

That's if you do want to hang your utensils the traditional way off the ceiling airer if you are using it in your kitchen or anywhere, also in the laundry as well. As you can see there, the standard kit will come with a single and double pulley and they screw into the ceiling there. Just make sure you are screwing them into the timber beams inside the ceiling they are not just the plaster board. As with all our products here at LifestyleClothesLines, they are backed by our 100 day happiness guarantee.

If you have any questions just give us a call and let us know. If you need to know any more about this particular product or any of our other clothes or products at LifestyleClothesLines, just give us a call on 1-300-798-77-9.

Classic Ceiling Airer A677 Product Video

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