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Austral Retractaway 40 Clothesline RA40CC Product Video

Hi there and welcome to Lifestyle Clotheslines. I'm just going to talk to you about one of our very 

really popular retractable clotheslines by  Austral and this is their Retractaway 40. So this is the 8 meter extension version and you can see that display they're initially in the woodland grey color. This just shows some of the dimensions there, so it has a length of the cabinet from side to side of 80 centimeters or 800 millimeters wide, with a depth front to back of 12.5 centimeters and also the same for the height from top to bottom of the cabinet there. 

This part is available in two colors, so these are Colorbond petaco colors, so you've got classic cream and then the woodland grey color. So with the total line space for this particular product, it does have five lines, if you were able to pull it out the full 8 meter maximum extension, that will give you 40 meters of total line space. The Retractaway 40 does have a minimum extension of two meters, so you must have to...you do have to pull it at least 2 meters to be able to lock the lines or tension the lines in place. As mentioned earlier with the cabinet dimensions are 80 centimeters wide with a depth of 12.5 centimeters. 

As with most  Austral products, they do come with a 10 year warranty on the construction of the product and this model with its maximum extension will generally suit about three to four people. Of course this can be mounted on to most solid wall surfaces or posts or anything like that and there's obviously options available to suit different types of installations. As you can see there the five cords, the poly cord, which is a polyester thread with a plastic coating on, it's a very flexible cord which is used on all retractable and folding clotheslines. 

So on the side of the model there you've got the tension knob with also the locking lever, so when you tension the lines up you just simply unlock it first and pull the lines out, attach it to the other end with the receiving bracket and then pull or turn the knob clockwise to add tension to the lines and then just flick the little lever to the lock position. Just at the front view there of the Retractaway 40 just showing the little bracket in the middle there which will attach on to the receiving bracket at the other end. And as you can see there that's now attached to the receiving bracket. It's a very very simple operation with this sort of product. The lines are tied on the pull out bar so they can be easily re-tensioned just simply by undoing the cord, pulling them through and then tying it back on again. 

This is a nice close up shot showing the pull out bar hooked into the receiving bracket, it's a very simple as I said operation for this sort of product. This is a close up shot of the receiving bracket, so it's a galvanized steel bracket just requiring two bolts or screws to attach to a post or a wall. You can see the different options for installation, so wall to wall, obviously post to post, doing anything where you do attach the cabinet onto a post, you will require the optional mount bar to adapt the clothesline cabinet onto the post. 

As with all the products here at Lifestyle Clotheslines, we do offer our 100 day happiness guarantee, so if you've not satisfied, just give us a call or send us an email and let us know. If you have any queries about this product, just give us a call on 1300-798-779 or just send us an email or jump onto our live chat during the day.


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