5 Lath Pulley Clothes Airer A3414 Product Video

Hello and welcome to Lifestyle Clotheslines. This will just be a brief product video just talking about one of our really popular ceiling airer products, and this is a new one in the range. This is the  5 Lath Pulley Clothes Airer. As you can see there, there's five timber laths going end to end, with the cast iron steel ends.

This is a nice side profile shot showing the craftsmanship for the cast iron ends, and these are manufactured in the UK foundry.

And this is showing it installed into a timber beam on a ceiling. You can also see there one of the uses for the extra double pulley that you can purchase as an option with any of the  ceiling airers.

This just allows the rope to come across to that extra double pulley, and then down to the cleat hook on the wall. That just saves the rope from coming down through, or in between the timber laths.

Another nice close-up shot there, just showing the excellent quality of these products. A sort of kiln-dried timber lath. A redwood pine timber lath, and obviously a powder-coated cast iron end.

And that's the complete kit that you get with the airer when you do order one of these products from us. So, you'll see the full set of five wooden laths, the two cast iron ends, the 10 meter rope cord, the single and double pulley, and then you've got the little cleat hook which you screw onto the wall to tie the rope onto.

We do offer our 100 day happiness guarantee with these products, so if you do have any questions about it within that period, just give us a call if you like.

Any more inquiries about it, though, just call us on 1300-798-779 or contact us via our contact page.

5 Lath Pulley Clothes Airer A3414 Product Video

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