Can I install my clothesline on a Weatherboard House?

Yes it is possible to install a clothesline to a weatherboard house, but it is wall surface that is not ideal and can take some fiddling around with to get the clothesline mounted securely.

install clothesline weather board house

With the uneven mounting surface that a weatherboard wall offers, you will need to make sure that the clothesline is anchored into the wall joists or has some sort of support behind the area you want to install the clothesline to.

Our recommendations for clothesline installations to weatherboard walls

  1. If you absolutely have to install the clothesline to your weatherboard house wall, make sure it is installed level and fastened correctly into the wall studs and supports.
  2. Our preferred option is to use a free standing ground mount kit, installed just in front of the wall, to take the installation of the clothesline. This removes any issues with wall stability and damaged occurring to the wall surface.

clothesline ground mounted

Image above is using a free standing ground mount kit, which can be used in front of your weatherboard wall

Call our support team on 1300 798 779 to discuss your needs with us and see if there are alternatives and other possible solutions for your situation on where a clothesline can be situated or the best model for installing to the weatherboard house if this is your only option.

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