Fold Down Clotheslines

FAQ for wall mounted and free standing fold down style clotheslines & washing lines

349 articles

Folding Rotary Clotheslines

FAQ for folding rotary clotheslines that are removable & fold up.

80 articles

Fixed Rotary Clotheslines

FAQ for fixed hoist style clotheslines such as the traditional Hills Hoist

99 articles

Retractable Clotheslines

FAQ for retractable style clotheslines which extend out and retract back to unit

69 articles

Portable Clotheslines

FAQ for portable clotheslines that can be used both indoor and outdoor

44 articles

Ceiling Clotheslines

FAQ for ceiling mounted clotheslines and clothes airers that attach to the roof

14 articles

Accessories for Clotheslines

FAQ for clothesline accessory items such as sockets, basket holders and pegs etc

10 articles

Covers for Clotheslines

FAQ for all makes of clothesline covers for rotary and fold down clotheslines

40 articles

Indoor Clotheslines

FAQ for indoor clotheslines and indoor clothes airer products

46 articles

Spare Parts

Clothesline spare parts for Hills clothesline and many more

62 articles

Clothesline Installation

Details on clothesline installation for new clotheslines and washing lines

131 articles


Clothesline owners manual and instruction sheets for Hills clotheslines & many more

96 articles

Hills Clearance Centre

Hills Clearance Centre's and where to buy Hills clotheslines and Hills spare parts.

13 articles